5. Help me fly!

Once I take off, watch me fly! You can put your hand under me if you want to help me fly!

4. Encourage me

Once I take off, watch me fly! Give me lots of space overhead and around me so that I can fly.

3. Place me in my nest

When I want to try and fly on my own, my eyes will rainbow flash and I will make a happy trumpet noise.

2. Move me up and down!

Pick me up, hold me in your hand, and move me up and down. I will say WEEEE!

1. Am I ready?

Pay attention to the colour of my eyes and the noises I make. If they are white and I am making happy noises, I'm ready to play.

Before i fly,
make sure:

  • I'm fully charged
  • To use me indoors only
  • My nest is unplugged and placed on a flat surface
  • I have space to fly by placing me away from walls and giving me overhead space

Owleez can do a lot more than just fly!

Watch all the fun ways we can play together

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